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Client Testimonials:

As the single child of the most loving and giving Mother who ever lived, I am eternally grateful for having The Royle Treatment, who assisted me in caring for Mom in her final few years. I was always comforted knowing that, in my absence, she was enjoying her time with them.

Mom lost her vision and had been a fine artist. The Royle Treatment appreciated her passions and kept her stimulated, improving her quality of life for as long as possible. It was always a personal relationship, not a hired one. I will be forever thankful.

Louise Brown

We have been using The Royle Treatment for in-home care for my mother for over 2 years. All the continuing care professionals who work for Nicky are dedicated and compassionate people, however Nicky takes the time to find just the right combination for each person. My mother was initially resistant to having "strangers" come into her home, but she now calls The Royle Treatment staff her "friends." I could not be happier.

With gratitude,
Judith Newby

The Muzzatti family has had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Nicola Adams, owner of The Royle Treatment, for just over six months now. Our experience with both Nicky and her wonderful staff has been terrific. Nicky has done an outstanding job matching the perfect caregiver with my aging mom's personality and needs. In our experience, each caregiver has been well trained, enthusiastic, compassionate and co-operative. It would be an impossible task to say which of the five, around-the-clock caretakers assigned to my mom, is my mom's favourite. She loves them all!

There is no doubt that there are numerous financial and emotional decisions to make when a family is faced with the difficult task of securing care for a loved one. The Royle Treatment has made this journey much easier for our family. Our experience has been entirely positive because of the support given by Nicola and The Royle Treatment!

The Muzzatti family

It has been a privilege to work for an owner who is not only a boss but treats you like a friend. The working conditions have been excellent with challenging and varied assignments and a concerted effort by Nicky to match staff to the individual needs and personality of each client. As an employee, I appreciate being consulted for input on the company's policies/procedures and have been afforded ample opportunity to liaise with a caring owner.

I urge you to check out the benefits of this growing, compassionate, homecare company that specializes in the personal touch as it applies to seniors. You won't be disappointed!

Patricia Reid